Currently hiring

The following are the roles we are currently looking to have filled. If you feel you fit the criteria and requirements for the task please do not hesitate to contact us!


Unreal Engine Specialist

We are currently looking for Unreal Engine specialists to help our team with our previz production in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. In addition to having excellent communication and comprehension skills, press following link to see some of your expected duties and responsibilities.


CG Generalist

The CG Generalist should have 1-2 years of industry experience in live action visual effects or feature film. A great "can do" attitude and open-mindedness to non-traditional solutions is essential. We are looking for individuals who have extensive knowledge, experience and skillsets implementing the following into a Maya production pipeline.


Concept artist

Applicants should be able to produce a wide range of highly creative and realistic character, creature and environment concept art. Applicants will work closely with the Art Director and project leads from project inception to completion and will play a major role in establishing and maintaining the look of the project. In addition, the applicant shall also assist in the creation of 3D models and shaders.



Applicants should be able to handle storyboarding, visual story development, and creation of storyboard animatics for multiple genres and styles of animated feature and television. Collaborate directly with Directors, Heads of Story, and other artists across departments to brainstorm ideas, shape our films through visual sequences, and develop cinematography, staging, and cutting.